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Gold Medal Winner

Jonathan Radford saxophone



Section Final


Wind, Brass and Percussion

Section Final winner: Jonathan Radford saxophone



Philip Jones Memorial Prize for an outstanding brass player: Christopher Hart trumpet
Sussex Prize for Woodwind: Daniel Shao flute
ROSL Award for a woodwind player of promise: Elliot Gresty clarinet



Section Final winner: Michael Mofidian bass baritone

michaelmofidian min 1


Audrey Strange Memorial Prize for an outstanding singer of promise: Katie Stevenson mezzo-soprano



Section Final winner: Emmanuel Bach violin

Emmanuel Bach headshot


Len Lickorish prize for a string player of promise: Gwenllian Llyr harp



Section Final winner: Florian Mitrea piano 

PC1 8866 min


Kerr Memorial prize for a young pianist of promise: Ashok Gupta piano


Ensemble A

Section Final winner: Marmen Quartet

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Ensemble B

Section Final winner: A4 Brass Quartet

A4 Brass 4tet


Elias Fawcett Award for an outstanding Ensemble: Ensemble Solaire


Overseas Award

Lorna Viol Memorial Prize, and ROSL Trophy for the most Outstanding Musician from Overseas: Alexander McFarlane viola

Alex McFarlane min 1

Phillip Crawshaw Memorial Prize for an Oustanding Musician from Overseas: Kieran Rayner baritone
Tait Memorial Scholarship for an Outstanding Australian Musician: Jonathan Ferrucci piano 
ROSL Award for an Outstanding New Zealand Musician: Bradley Wood piano



ROSL Award for Accompanists: Jâms Coleman piano

Roderick Lakin Professional Development Award for Singers: Jessica Dandy contralto


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First Prize and Gold Medal Winner
Section Final Winner: Wind, Brass and Percussion

James Buckle / bass trombone

James Buckle


Section Final Winner: Strings

Mathilde Milwidsky / violin

Mathilde Milwidsky


Section Final Winner: Voice

Nicholas Mogg / baritone

Nicholas Mogg


Section Final Winner: Keyboard

Dominic Degavino / piano

Dominic Degavino 4


Lorna Viol Memorial Prize and ROSL Trophy for the most Outstanding Musician from Overseas

Abel Selaocoe / cello

Abel pjs


Ensemble A Section Winner

B-L Piano Duo

Bertram Lynette Piano Duo


Ensemble B Section Winner




Other prizes

ROSL Award for Accompanists: Gamal Khamis and Somi Kim (shared)
Roderick Lakin Professional Development Award for Singers: Jennifer Witton / soprano

Philip Jones Memorial Prize for an outstanding brass player: Tom Poulson / trumpet
Sussex Prize for Woodwind: Justin Sun / bassoon
Audrey Strange Memorial Prize for an outstanding singer of promise: Richard Walsche / bass-baritone
Len Lickorish Memorial Prize for a string player of promise: Emmanuel Bach / violin
Kerr Memorial Prize for a Young Pianist of Promise / Daniel Evans
Elias Fawcett Award for an outstanding Ensemble (shared):
A4 Brass Quartet
Laefer Quartet
Pelleas Ensemble
ROSL Award for an Outstanding Canadian Musician: Scott MacIsaac / piano
Phillip Crawshaw Memorial Prize for an Outstanding Musician from Overseas: Hao Zi Yoh / piano
Tait Memorial Scholarship for an Outstanding Australian Musician: Justin Sun / bassoon
ROSL Award for an Outstanding Australian Musician: Ashlyn Tymms / mezzo-soprano

The 2017 jury were:
Gold Medal final:

Oliver Condy / Editor BBC Music Magazine
Thorben Dittes / Director Royal Northern Sinfonia
Angela Dixon / Chief Executive Saffron Hall
Heather Duncan / Head of Programming Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Paul Goodey-Avedisyan / Oboist and composer
Gavin Henderson (Chairman) / Principal Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Piers Lane / pianist
Jonathan Lemalu / bass-baritone
Geoff Parkin / Director of ROSL Arts
Melissa Phelps / cellist

Section finals:

Juliet Bausor / Principal flautist LPO
Alec Crowe / former head of vocal studies RNCM
Nicholas Daniel / oboist and principal oboe Britten Sinfonia
Amy Dickson / saxophonist
Timothy End / pianist
Thomas Gould / violinst and leader Britten Sinfonia
Janet Hilton / clarinettist
Gillian Keith / soprano
Simon Lepper / piano
Gaby Lester / violinist
Amos Miller / trombonist and principal trombone Royal Ballet Sinfonia
Caroline Palmer / pianist
Gary Pomeroy / violist in the Heath Quartet
Carole Presland / pianist
Tom Randle / tenor
Helen Sherman / mezzo-soprano
Alasdair Tait / chief executive YCAT
Ashley Wass / pianist


The ROSL Commonwealth Music Scholarships have been widely expanded in the last few years, now including an award for a musician from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Annually, chamber musicians from Australia and New Zealand are selected to come to the UK for a scholarship tour, which includes giving concerts at various venues arranged by ROSL ARTS, coaching sessions with prestigious teachers at the London conservatoires and tickets to many of the finest concerts in the summer Proms season and other theatres. This experience often proves invaluable to our Commonwealth musicians, as they get a taste of professional music life in London, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in other music festivals around the UK.

Winners of this award in the past have included: 

2006 Antipodes Quartet (NZ School of Music) Christabel Lin, Sophie Bird violins, Nicholas Hancox viola Sarah Dobbs cello; 2007 Trio Scintillatum (University of Auckland) Amalia Hall violin, Sophie Williams cello, John-Paul Muir piano; 2008 Duo Giocoso (NZ School of Music) Helen Bevin viola, Rafaella Garlick-Grice piano; 2009 Leonari Trio (University of Waikato) Hilary Hayes violin, Edward King cello, Maria Mo piano; 2010 Lazarus Quartet (University of Canterbury) Emma Yoon, Julianne Song violins, Lindsay McLay viola and Alice Gott cello; 2011 Estrella Quartet (University of Auckland) Somi Kim, Gemma Lee, Judy Lee, Cindy Tsao pianos 2012 Rothko Quartet (University of Auckland) Olivia Francis, Emily Bouwhuis violins, Alex MacDonald viola and Cameron Stuart cello; 2013 Trinity Trio (University of Auckland) Stella Kim, violin, Sally Kim, cello and Tina Kim, piano; 2014 QUATTRO (University of Waikato) Catherine Kwak, Jacky Siu, Alexander Arai-Swale, Sam Lucas cellos; 2015 Tasman Duo (University of Auckland) Lauren Bennett, violin and Bradley Wood, piano.


*Gold Medal

1952 Robert Cooper violin
1953 Geoffrey Parsons piano
1954 Oswald Russell piano
1955 Rohan de Saram cello
1957 Winifred Durie viola
1958 Audrey Cooper piano
1959 Patsy Toh piano
1960 John Georgiadis violin
Yonty Solomon piano
1961 Jacqueline du Pré cello
Marjorie Biggar contralto
1962 Ruth Little contralto
Roy Malan violin
1963  John Lill piano
Ross Pople cello
1964  Sharon McKinley cello
Gwennyth Annear soprano
1965  Georgetta Psaros soprano
Leslie Child violin 
1966  Enloc Wu piano
Hannah Francis harp 
1967  David Bollard piano
Oriel Sutherland contralto 
1968  Dennis Lee piano
Frank Wibaut piano 
1969  Patricia Payne contralto
Penny Scott piano 
1970  Geoffrey Tozer piano
Andrew Haigh piano 
1971  Andrea Kalanj piano
Jan Latham Koenig piano
1972  Tessa Uys piano
Marius May cello 
1973  Richard Greager tenor
Anthony Smith baritone 
1974  Francis Reneau piano
Colin Carr cello 
1975  Keith Lewis tenor
Jonathan Dunsby piano
Stewart Harling baritone 
1976  Melvyn Tan harpsichord
Lorraine McAslan violin 
1977  Ralph de Souza violin
Aydin Onac piano 
1978  Mark Walton clarinet
Suzie Meszaros viola 
1979  Surendran Reddy piano
Barry Douglas piano
Jonathan Rees violin 
1980  Ian Gaukroger piano
John Harle saxophone
Peter Manning violin*
William Shimmell baritone 
1981  Wissam Boustany flute
Jagdish Mistry violin
Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano*
Simon Shewring piano 
1982  Geoffrey Dolton baritone
Helen Duffy flute
Piers Lane piano*
Carla Maria Rodrigues viola 
1983  Douglas Boyd oboe
Susan Bullock soprano
Christopher Marwood cello
Jonathan Plowright piano* 
1984  Lorna Anderson soprano
Nicholas Cox clarinet*
Gina McCormack violin
Adrian Sims piano 
1985  Philip Lloyd-Evans baritone
Ieuan Jones harp*
Anthony Marwood violin
Jean Owen bassoon*
Victor Sangiorgio piano 
1986  Aline Brewer harp
Susan Chilcott soprano*
Colin Stone piano 
1987  Manuel Bagorro piano
Philip Levy violin
Lucy Wakeford harp
Janice Watson soprano*
Michael Whight clarinet 
1988  Read Gainsford piano
David Mattinson bass-baritone*
Gerard McChrystal saxophone
Aaron Stolow violin 
1989  Cheryl Barker soprano
Jane Evans cor anglais
Nicola Hall guitar*
Alvin Moisey piano 
1990  William Dazeley baritone
Rachel Gough bassoon*
Nicholas Unwin piano
Abigail Young violin 
1991  James Brawn piano
Janice Graham violin
Alistair Mackie trumpet
Adele Paxton mezzo-soprano* 
1992  Liam Abramson cello
Paul Lewis piano
Robert Plane clarinet*
Simone Sauphanor soprano
Neil Varley freebass accordion 
1993  Sara Fulgoni mezzo-soprano
Andrew Haveron violin
Eryl Lloyd Williams piano
David Preston freebass accordion* 
1994  Daniel Bates oboe*
Catrin Wyn Davies mezzo-soprano
Priya Mitchell violin
Roger Owens piano 
1995  Annelies Chapman soprano
Sarah Markham saxophone
Laura Samuel violin
Ashley Wass piano* 
1996  Jeanette Ager mezzo-soprano*
Nicholas Cartledge flute*
Viv McLean piano
Alice Neary cello 
1997  David Farmer freebass accordion
Nicola Howard soprano
Stuart King clarinet
Liwei Qin cello* 
1998  Daniel Bell violin
Gillian Keith soprano
Fraser Tannock trumpet
Alexander Taylor piano* 
1999  Thomas Carroll cello
Owen Dennis oboe
Timothy Mirfin bass*
David Quigley piano 
2000  Sarah Field saxophone
Jonathan Lemalu bass-baritone*
Benjamin Nabarro violin
Tom Poster piano 
2001 Juliette Bausor flute*
Richard Burkhard baritone
Danny Driver piano
Marie Macleod cello 
2002  Lucy Crowe soprano*
Gemma Rosefield cello
Simon Tedeschi piano
Eleanor Turner harp
Sara Temple clarinet 
2003  Martin Cousin piano*
Katharine Wood cello
Helen Vollam trombone
Wendy-Dawn Thompson mezzo-soprano 
2004  Louisa Breen piano
Amy Dickson saxophone*
Anna Leese soprano
Ruth Palmer violin
Timothy Thorpe horn 
2005  Nicola Eimer piano
Timothy Orpen clarinet*
Tamsin Waley-Cohen violin
Elizabeth Watts soprano 
2006  Mateusz Borowiak piano
Jacques Imbrailo baritone
John Myerscough cello*
Leslie Neish tuba 
2007  Daniel de Borah piano
Jill Kemp recorder
Pei-Sian Ng cello*
George von Bergen baritone 
2008  Michael Ierace piano
Laura Lucas flute*
Victoria Simonsen cello
Adrian Ward tenor 
2009  Sarah Beatty clarinet
Yelian He cello
Madeleine Pierard soprano
Ben Schoeman piano* 
2010  Huw Morgan trumpet
Jun Sasaki cello
Jonathan McGovern baritone*
James Sherlock piano 
2011 Suzanne Thorn oboe
Kitty Whately mezzo soprano
Sean Shibe guitar*
Ashley Fripp piano 
2012  Matthew Featherstone flute
Njabulo Madlala baritone
Benjamin Baker violin
Jayson Gillham piano* 
2013  Peter Moore trombone
Morgan Pearse baritone*
Michael Foyle violin
Sophia Dee piano 
2014  Huw Wiggin saxophone*
Anna Rajah soprano
Toby Hughes double bass
Jan Hugo piano 
2015  Charlotte Ashton flute
Michael Buchanan trombone
Soraya Mafi soprano
Juliana Myslov harp
Alexander Soares piano* 
2016  Emily Sun violin*
Philip Attard saxophone
Henry Neill baritone
Tyler Hay piano 

James Buckle bass trombone*
Nicholas Mogg baritone
Mathilde Milwidsky violin
Dominic Degavino piano


Jonathan Radford saxophone*
Michael Mofidian bass-baritone
Emmanuel Bach violin
Florian Mitrea piano

Accompanists Prize

1980 Michael Dussek
1981 John Henry
1982 Pamela Lidiard
1983 Linda Ang
1984 Vanessa Latarche
Malcolm Martineau
1985 Steven Naylor
1986 Scott Mitchell
1987 Rachel Franklin
1988 Clare Toomer
1989 Rebecca Holt
1990 Elizabeth Upchurch
1991 Alan Darling
1992 Sophia Rahmann
1993 Helen Leek
1994 Julian Milford
1995 Alison Proctor
1996 Gretel Dowdeswell
1997 Clemens Leske
1998 Stephen de Pledge
1999 Simon Lepper
2000 Philip Moore
2001 not awarded
2002 Catherine Milledge
2003 Huw Watkins
2004 not awarded
2005 Gary Matthewman
2006 Alasdair Beatson
2007 Daniel Swain
2008 Joseph Middleton
2009 Simon Lane
2010 Timothy End
2011 Michael Ierace
2012 William Vann
2013 Jennifer Hughes
2014 James Sherlock
2015 Ian Tindale
2016 Chad Vindin

Gamal Khamis
Somi Kim

2018 Jams Coleman

Ensemble Prize

1980 Trio Canello
1981 Mladi Ensemble
1982 Guildhall String Ensemble
1983 Marwood String Trio
1984 Auriol Quartet
1985 J & K Lenehan Piano Duo
Lisney Piano Trio
1986 Mistry Quartet
1987 No Strings Attached
1988 Barbican Piano Trio
1989 Apollo Saxophone Quartet
1990 Techinsky Quartet
1991 Kreutzer Quartet
1992 Bone Idols
1993 not awarded
1994 Nemo Brass Quartet
1995 Leopold String Trio
1996 Micallef/Inanga Piano Duo
1997 BackBeat
1998 Newbold Piano Quartet
1999 Moore / Crawford-Phillips
Piano Duo
2000 Tavec Quartet
2001 Bones Apart
2002 Eimer Piano Trio
2003 Bronte Quartet
2004 Linos Wind Quintet
2005 Sacconi Quartet
2006 Ensemble na Mara
Lancier Brass
2007 Cappa Quartet
2008 Brodowski Quartet
Camarilla Ensemble
2009 Solstice String Quartet
St James Quintet
2010 Finzi Quartet
The Rose Trio
2011 Cavaleri Quartet
Cries of London
2012 The Busch Ensemble
Aurora Percussion Duo
2013 The Françoise-Green Piano Duo
2014 Solem Quartet
Block 4
2015 Jackson/Beilby Duo
Ferio Saxophone Quartet
2016 Consone Quartet
Jacquin Trio

Bertram-Lynette Piano Duo


Marmen Quartet
A4 Brass