ROSL, then known as the Over-Seas Club was approaching its fourth anniversary at the outbreak of the Great War. An event which reinforced Wrench's belief in the need for solidarity between the peoples of the British Empire and inspired him to establish a number of funds to support the needs of Allied troops. To mark the centenary of WWI we've created a timeline to show the remarkable fundraising activity of our members during this period.  pdfDownload the pdf here.

We have also delved in the ROSL archives, as the videos below demonstrates, to find out more about ROSL's activities during the war.

Take a look below at the role the war played in the growth of ROSL as an organisation, the staff and members' families who were involved in the fighting, and some the artistic talent lost and made by the First World War.

1916 Central Committee members at war thumb Members' Memories
1915 Christmas Day Gifts thumb The War That Made ROSL
The Battle of Vimy Ridge Source Library and Archives Canadian thumb Artistic Talent Lost and Made