The Royal Over-Seas League are happy to welcome the exhibition 'Rosemary Clunie & Ben Okri; Dreams of our age' to Over-Seas House, London.

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The exhibition looks at the link between Literature and Art with a focus on how the book "The Magic Lamp: Dreams of our Age" is a wonderful and creative collaboration between Art and Literature. The exhibition includes images from the book, some new paintings and some text based works. Extracts from the book guide the viewer through Over-Seas house, and give context to the work on display. At ROSL we have an important link to both Literature and Art, two artforms that are embraced and explored by Rosemary Clunie and Ben Okri.

Rosemary Clunie is a painter, printmaker and video artist, born in Scotland and living in Hampstead. She has exhibited at the World Economic Forum in Davos amongst other places.

Ben Okri OBE FRSL is a Nigerian-born poet and author. His work includes the Booker-Prize-winning The Famished Road, the first in a trilogy, and Starbook, as well as collections of poetry, short stories and essays.

We are also hosting an evening of conversation as we explore the current exhibition at Over-Seas House with Rosemary Clunie and Ben Okri. The conversation will look into the link between visual art and literature as well as the creative process that has brought these two elements together. The two artists will talk about their work together on the book, The Magic Lamp: Dreams of Our Age, which presents twenty-five fairy tales for adults, with narratives that are a response to our times. Informed by our world but not limited by it, the text blends wonderfully with twenty-five original paintings, that pull you in to a land of colour and vision.

At this event we are looking forward to the discussion of which came first, the word or image, and how both grew together out of a long friendship and a creative symbiosis to create the book and source of inspiration for an exhibition at the Royal Over-Seas League.