Developed with the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), the RBA Star Students competition encourages aspiring young artists who are identified by The Arts Society's local Societies and whose artworks are entered for it. The RBA then selects the very best pieces for exhibition.

Twenty exceptional finalists were chosen during a unprecedented year for schools, we would like to extend a big thank you to our volunteers, the teachers and the students for their hard work in making this competition possible this year. All artworks demonstrated the highest levels of skill, expression and draughtsmanship using a variety of mediums, exploring equally varied subjects. 


Adele Zhang Hidden Mixed media 38 x 50 sml

Adele Zhang


IMG 0907

Alice Butterworth 

Amy Lodge Poppet 44cm x 65.5cm Biro

Amy Lodge

Anna Livingstone Lottie Biro 80cm x 45.5cm

Anna Livingstone

Anna Sheffield TullyContrast Foil 44.8 x 34 cms white pencil on black card

Anna Sheffield-Tully

Asher Oxborrow Joshua

Asher Oxborrow

Carissa Welford Dillon

Carissa Welford

Charlotte Crosby Grandad

Charlotte Crosby 

Coco Huang Deadly Sins 63cm x 95.5cm Water colour sml

Coco Huang

IMG 0212 sml

Eliza Bowditch


Emilie Kinch 

Eva Tao Cityscape at Night 59.5cm x 84cm Water based oil sml

Eva Tao

josy ebbs

Josy Ebbs

Katie St Johnston Narcissus Oil on Canvas

Katie St Johnston

IMG 0724

Leo Bignell

IMG 8927 sml

Millie Crewe

Pippa Gillingham Camouflage mixed media sml

Phillippa Gillingham


Alice Usher RLS Nuetron Star 50 x 65cm Oil paint

  Alice Usher 

Hannah Whitworthter based oil

Hannah Whitworth

Saxen Payne Monmouth School for Boys Self Portrait with Cat 50 x 40 cm Oil on Canvas

Saxen Payne

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