As you will now be aware ROSL Central Council has made the difficult decision to close the Edinburgh clubhouse at the end of January 2018. Find out why this decision was taken and what members can expect at their new home at the Royal Scots Club... 

Why is the club closing?

The decision to close the clubhouse was not taken lightly and was based on reports and condition appraisals from buildings surveyors and consultants. The reports highlighted a range of issues ranging from potential structural issues arising from corroded steelwork, urgent masonry and window repairs and the complete replacement of the majority of building systems and installations which are at the end of their lifespans. Once these issues had been brought to the attention of Central Council, we had a duty to act upon their advice as soon as practicable. It is a complex picture and will require further opening-up of the building to assess the extent and costs of the repairs required. This cannot be done while the building remains open to the public. Hence the decision to close after the Burns Supper Event on Saturday 27 January 2018.

ROSL Edinburgh makes a home at the Royal Scots Club

Providing a home-away-from-home environment for ROSL members has been a priority and we are pleased to announce a temporary partnership with the Royal Scots Club which will enable us to provide clubhouse facilities for members living in, and visiting, Edinburgh from 1 February 2018. We are delighted that the Edinburgh Branch will be able to run their excellent programme of events – including coffee mornings, art lunches and member dinners. Please see detailed information on visiting and staying at the Royal Scots Club here. The club has provided a fact sheet for ROSL members visiting, which can be viewed here, along with a menu for the restaurant.