Putting on ROSL ARTS' Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme 'Music & More @ 100 Princes Street' is a team effort which requires the normal flow of everyday life to be put on hold for two weeks. 

Not only do the ROSL ARTS team travel up from London for the duration, they are joined by other members of London staff, musicians from all over the world, as well as everyone in the Edinburgh clubhouse, in putting on the programme, which sees 34 concerts performed over the fortnight. 2

The day starts early with a quick couple of rounds of toast, before heading to the clubhouse for the first concert of the day. Roughly a 25 minute walk through some of the prettiest parts of the city, we arrive at the clubhouse about an hour before the first notes are struck.



That time is spent setting up the Princes Suite, putting out programmes, opening the box office for the day and ensuring all the musicians have made their way in and are warming up.


As the concert nears, guests start to arrive, we sell tickets from the box office, take stubs on the door and introduce the musicians before they take to the stage for the main event.


Now we get to hear some of the best young musicians in the world play in the intimate setting of the clubhouse, a definite perk of the job! Many of whom have been supported by ROSL through the Annual Music Competition or the many scholarships run throughout our branch network all over the Commonwealth.


Meanwhile, refreshments will be prepared, ready for the end of the performance, at which point Fringe-goers have the chance to chat to the musicians and ROSL staff members about the club. Once the dust has settled, it's time to do everything again twice, or sometimes thrice more, for the other concerts going on throughout the day.

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Luckily there is time between each to see the sites of Edinburgh, take in a couple of the many thousands of other performances going on throughout the city during the Fringe, then maybe head up on to the roof of the clubhouse to end the day with a stunning view of the castle aflame for the Tattoo.


Definitely not your average day; very long, very tiring, but an amazing experience nonetheless. If you haven't had a chance to see any of Music & More this year, be sure to join us before the end of the series on Friday 18 August. Tickets are still available. Otherwise, we'll see you next year!

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