...of Jean-Baptiste Demarest, Event Sales Coordinator.

If you're a regular visitor to the London clubhouse, I may already be a familiar face to you, having spent the last two years serving in the restaurant, Brabourne Room, Duke of York Bar and the garden. It is always an absolute pleasure to talk with you about my journey from France as well as learning more about you all through the stories that you share with me over dinner and drinks. Through the stories of your travels and history I have gotten to know so many of you.

Jean Baptiste

Recently I have been offered a fantastic opportunity to grow my skills at ROSL by moving to the Copper Tower and taking up the role of Event Sales Coordinator with Graysons.  You might wonder where is this Copper Tower, it is the small building situated at the entrance to Over-Seas House you walk past on every visit.  This is where I work closely with two other colleagues to sell and organise events for the club, as well as introducing ROSL to potential new members.  I get to work on a variety of events from small meetings and intimate private dinners to large conferences, as well as the more special birthday celebrations and weddings.

It is not always an easy task juggling so many different requests as I want to ensure that each potential member and long-time member receives a unique experience each time they visit.  When I walk through the doors of the clubhouse each morning I look forward to what excitement the day might bring and how I can continuously create a unique experience for all you.

I look forward to hosting your celebrations here at the Royal Over-Seas League, send me an email! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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