Are you a new member, or do you know anyone who might be interested in joining? If so, come along to our New Members' Reception on Thursday 4 October to find out more about everything that the Royal Over-Seas League has to offer. 

Autumn will see ROSL honour those who fought and lost their lives during the First World War as commemorations reach a climax, marking the centenary of Armistice on 11 November 1918. 

2018 marks the 19th year ROSL has returned to Scotland for its annual award-winning series of concerts at the Fringe, but our connection to the Edinburgh International Festival actually goes back much further. 

To celebrate National Book Lovers Day, we look back at some of the famous authors who have graced the pages of Overseas over the past century. From the horrors of the First World War, to the monarchs' penchant for horse racing, many famous names have penned articles for the journal. 

Over the last few weeks you've heard us wax lyrical about the many amazing musicians, both prizewinners from ROSL's Annual Music Competition (AMC) and scholars from across the Commonwealth, that are taking to the stage at the Fringe. With 'ROSL Recitals' now underway in Edinburgh, we can hear what the audience had to say about the first few concerts. 

They say behind every great man, stands an even greater woman, but at an organisation like ROSL, it is women who stand front and centre, and always have done. Led by Director-General Diana Owen, with a largely female executive, ROSL in 2018 is the embodiment of our founder’s principles of equality and egality. 

Today marks the anniversary of the first use of atomic weapons in war, when the Japanese city of Hiroshima was almost completely destroyed by an atomic bomb, dropped by a US B-29 Superfortress bomber, known as the Enola Gay on 6 August 1945. The bomb, dubbed 'Little Boy', was followed three days later by the 'Fat Man' atomic bomb, which was dropped on the nearby city of Nagasaki. 

ROSL Recitals is now just days away! Starting on Monday 6 August at the Royal Scots Club, ROSL ARTS prizewinners and scholars will be taking to the stage three times a day, for 30 concerts in two weeks. Today, we speak to bassoonist Luís Santos, one of our scholars currently visiting the UK from Perth, Australia. Recently studying at the University of Western Australia, after his month-long trip he will begin studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the tutelage of Simon van Holen. 

Last night we welcomed Hugo Corney and Lisa Harvey from Court Garden Winery and Vineyard to the Royal Over-Seas League. Court Garden were introduced to the club by Davys Wine Merchants and their wines will slowly be introduced to our everyday menu. To properly introduce the wines, we organised for Hugo – who owns the vineyard – to come and talk members through the history of this East Sussex vineyard and what goes in to making the wines. 

After last year brought an end to the UK’s status as one of the most prominent European countries to be unafflicted by Islamist terrorism in the age of ISIS, first on Westminster Bridge, then Manchester Arena and finally London Bridge, comes the latest instalment of the Royal Over-Seas League’s Evelyn Wrench Lecture Series, on Friday 21 September at Over-Seas House.