Visiting the clubhouse isn't all about the dining, the events, the arts... it's also about the views! 

February has seen the launch of a new and improved menu in the Brabourne Room, which means members and guests can enjoy a host of new offerings, including old favourites and daily specials. 

ROSL Life member the Rt. Hon. Sir Don McKinnon, a former New Zealand Foreign Minister, and Commonwealth Secretary-General from 2000-2008 has written a stirring account of the hard-fought liberation of French town Le Quesnoy in 1918, by New Zealand soldiers. As the most recent edition of Overseas has found, the sacrifice made by the soldiers of the First World War casts a long shadow. Read Sir Don's account below.

Last night saw the launch of the public rounds of this year's Annual Music Competition, with the first Section Final for solo wind and brass. Four performers took to the stage in the Princess Alexandra Hall in front of assembled members, guests, friends, family, and our esteemed judging panel to compete for their place at the Gold Medal Final in May. 

As we speak, the printing presses are humming away, churning out the next edition of the Overseas journal, which will be arriving on your doorstep from the beginning of March. 

2019 will mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France to passenger services. Construction of the 23.5 mile tunnel (or tunnels) began in 1988 and was completed in May 1994, costing about £9 billion. Its completion marked the end of a nearly two-hundred year dream to connect Britain with the continent. 

Wednesday evening saw the unveiling of ROSL's latest exhibition, The Magic Lamp: Dreams of our Age by artist Rosemary Clunie and writer Ben Okri. 

Today New Zealanders are celebrating Waitangi Day, which commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 1840, the nation's founding document. 

The first of 2019's Annual Music Competition (AMC) Section Finals is now within sight, on Tuesday 12 February to Solo Wind and Brass musicians will be the first to take to the stage in the Princess Alexandra Hall. 

We are sad to share the news of Madiha Aijaz’s passing over the weekend.