ROSL West runs the annual Branch weekend at Over-Seas House, London for Taunton, Exeter, Bath and Bournemouth branches. These weekends are held in late summer and involve a full programme of optional events which usually comprise: a reception on arrival on the Friday afternoon, followed by a theatre visit; an outing on Saturday morning to a gallery, museum or other place of interest; a three-course dinner on the Saturday evening; an all-day outing on the Sunday to a place of interest, often including a river trip; and an outing on Monday morning, often to a more unusual attraction. 

Friday 28 April - Monday 1 May

Enjoy a trip to the London Clubhouse with fellow ROSL West branch members. The weekend will include a theatre visit and trip to a place of interest. 
To register your interest email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Members can keep in touch with all the latest branch and club news through the quarterly Overseas Journal. 

Membership of ROSL West 

You can be both a full ROSL member and a member of the local branch. Alternatively you may decide to be just a member of your local branch. As a local branch member you will still receive a copy of the Overseas Journal, and will be able to attend local events. However, local branch members are not permitted visit and stay in the London clubhouse, attend ROSL clubhouse events or use ROSL reciprocal clubs.