Over the past week, the clubhouse has been buzzing with the sounds of Chopin, Mozart, Gershwin and more as 15 concerts have taken place for our ROSL Recitals Fringe series. In case you missed any of the concerts, or would just like to hear these exemplary musicians again, you can watch them here. 

In an age when everything from your phone to your furniture is often mass-produced in automated factories on the other side of the world, and a large proportion of working life is spent at a desk in front of a screen, there is something refreshingly visceral about using your hands and making something from scratch. 

We're now just days away from the start of ROSL's programme of Fringe recitals on 11 August at our clubhouse home here in London. Check out the key stats from the packed schedule. 

Currently on display in the clubhouse, HM Print depicts ROSL Patron HM The Queen, by Suffolk-based artist Anna Rumsby. Ahead of The Queen's platinum jubilee in 2022, you can pick up a limited edition digital print of this work. 

On Saturday, the London Sinfonietta performed the world premiere of For Years Now, composed by Michael Small. 

After the success of the inaugural ROSL Photography Competition, we have lined up a stellar judging panel for the 2021 edition, all keen to see this year’s entries.