With more than 60% of the Commonwealth’s two billion inhabitants under the age of 30, education is central to the future prosperity and security of the world. But with access and quality varying so widely across the world, many challenges remain if the next generation are to be properly equipped to face the future. In the next edition of Overseas, we look at some of the problems and possible solutions. 

One of which is the question of the best way to get the most out of students. Is the current model of test after test after test the most effective to teach and to learn? Natalie Healey investigates.

Are the very subjects we are choosing to specialise in what society needs? Despite a huge increase in university graduates in developed countries, a corresponding increase in skilled workers in key sectors such as engineering and medicine has not been witnessed. Abi Millar asks if we should be turning to vocational training options to plug the skills gap.

The Commonwealth of Learning’s Asha Kanwar and Alexis Carr ask if we need to rethink not only what we learn, but also the way we learn, if we want to tackle the changing climate around us.

Nesta’s Hannah Owen advocates for increasing technology in education to tackle the issue, and a new government-funded testbed aims to help.

While some of the issues faced by today’s youth are universal, some are specific to the country, as Ross Davies finds out, when he takes a look at the education systems of Australia, India, and Canada.

And why does all this matter to us? Because ROSL’s long-standing commitment to education is at the heart of many of the organisation’s activities. New ROSL Trust Chairman Clive Carpenter explains how decisions are made for funding education and music projects, each of which wouldn’t be possible without your invaluable support. These two strands of music and education are being brought together. Artistic Director Geoff Parkin introduces two projects, supported by ROSL, which aim to put music education at the heart of learning.

Read all of this, plus your regular news, events and branch activities from the clubhouse and around the world in the next edition of Overseas, due out on 1 March.

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