...of Lorna Buceza, Reservationist. 

How long have you been at ROSL and how did you hear about the club in the first place? 

I’ve been working at ROSL for just over a year now, starting in November 2018. My dear friend Teresa was telling me about the club when she joined the Reservations Team, having moved from the hotel we both worked at before. From what she was saying, I could tell that ROSL was a great place to work. After couple of years, she told me that a position in Reservations was available, and so I applied.

Can you describe an average day?

An average day involves dealing with calls, emails and requests for reservations in one of our 83 bedrooms, admin duties, taking payments, responding to letters and all sort of other requests from members. 

What are the best things about the job and what do you wish you could change?  

The best part of the job is when we have challenges to overcome. For example, trying to accomodate members when we are fully booked, arranging bookings throughout the year for regular members, or anything challenging that requires being thorough and taking extra care to go the extra mile for members is what I like the most about my job.

I would change or improve the communication between departments, and some policies regarding the accommodation.

How do you spend your time when you're not in the club?  

I love art so I’m always excited to see a new exhibition or a concert. I also enjoy going to the movies, reading, and writing when I have enough time to do it.

Would you recommend people to join or even to work here at ROSL? 

I would indeed recommend joining ROSL or working here. This place has so much history and we should all be very respectful of the past, trying to look at the future and help the club to have many and many years ahead. We can do that being committed, applying  new rules and amend some old ones. 

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