When you are asked to describe someone, what attributes do you choose? Their name, their age, their height, skin colour, eye colour, or hair colour perhaps? Maybe it’s what they do for a living, their political or religious beliefs? Whatever it is, these identifiers only scratch the surface of one’s identity. 

In the new issue of Overseas, out now, we delve a little deeper to find out the ways, some old and some new, that people are defining themselves and others today.

But, does the race to identify ourselves, by whatever means, result in our empathy ebbing away for others we see as ‘different’? Abi Millar asks if the drive for greater acceptance among marginalised groups actually hardening opinions among many people?

As we grow, so our opinions and understanding of the world around us change. But the long memory of social media means a misguided comment from the past can be dredged up within seconds. Ross Davies asks if we have sacrificed the ability to reinvent ourselves?

The added risk of us sharing the minutiae of our lives on social media, means we are leaving ourselves at risk of identity theft. A little more self-awareness could make all the difference, as conman-turned security consultant Frank Abagnale, famously depicted by Leonardo di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can, tells us.

The most obscure of pastimes can now find a home on the internet and a community with which to share it. Has our collective identity changed now people are free to indulge their passions? We find out if the old signifiers such as class, nationality, or wealth are becoming increasingly obsolete.

Plus, in this issue you can enjoy all your regular news from the clubhouse and branches around the world, event highlights, more features, and the results of our inaugural ROSL Photography Competition. The cover image this issue is the ‘Camera’ category winner, Holding Hands, by Nigerian photographer Isabella Agbaje.

Print copies were mailed out last week so if you haven't already received yours, it should be arriving very soon. Read the new issue online here. View previous issues of Overseas here.

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