In anticipation of the launch of the new edition of Overseas on 1 December, which takes identity as its theme, we asked members and staff to define what ROSL means to them. 

By asking each person to describe ROSL in three words, it gives you an idea of the variety of things, some tangible, some not, that are important to both members and staff about the organisation. Take a look below at some of the responses we've had so far.

Anjola Adeniyi  "Friendly, Open, Welcoming"
Sarah Banner "Unique, Flexible, Fascinating"
Chris Morgan "Generous, Creative, Inclusive"
Cerys Beesley "Art, Music, Culture"
Stephen Jones "Unique, Encouraging, Benevolent"
Jill Courtnell "Welcoming, Outreach, Arts"
Kevin Rogers "Commonwealth, Arts, Refuge"
Alexis Corzberg "Growing, Quirky, Historic"
Natalia Sedunova "Tradition, Community, Friendship"

The breadth of responses speak to the values that ROSL was established on; to encourage international friendship and understanding. Our clubhouse that many of you see as your home from home, our arts and events programme that helps so many young people, and all of us, both members and staff, help to give ROSL's its identity. Thank you.

Read more about how we define ourselves and each other in the new edition of Overseas, arriving on doorsteps and your inbox from 1 December.

OS4 2019 Cover

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