Continue to support your home from home in the heart of Mayfair by bequeathing a gift to ROSL in your will. Your generosity will give young people around the world an education, it will give talented young musicians, artists and writers the chance of a career, and it will safeguard the future of your beautiful Grade I listed clubhouse. 

The ROSL Trust (Charity No.306095) fund continues to grow thanks to the continued generosity of members and supporters who donate and remember ROSL in their will. It's simple to include a legacy to ROSL in your will, and gifts can be a specified sum of money, a proportion of your residual estate or more specific items of your property. Making a bequest to a charity such as ROSL Trust can now be an effective way to reduce your inheritance tax, and the charity in turn is exempt from inheritance tax. Some members have also given money, or made a bequest in memory of a family member or close friend.

To discuss your options, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 (0)20 7408 0214.

Supporting ROSL ARTS

Support for young artists of all disciplines come from ROSL ARTS through its diverse work in the fields of music, visual arts and literature. Starting more than 70 years ago, the principal activities include our renowned Annual Music Competition, Commonwealth Music and Visual Arts Scholarships, sponsorship of the Caine Prize for African Writers and regular concerts and events both in the UK and worldwide.

Supporting ROSL Education Projects

ROSL members generously champion education projects for disadvantaged and marginalised communities across the Commonwealth and beyond. Did you know that through our projects we help students from remote areas of Namibia to become teachers; support San communities in the Kalahari and the Pestalozzi Asian Village in India; fund school bursaries in Pakistan and Kenya; and provide ‘Joy in the Wild’ environmental courses for vulnerable children in Botswana? 

Safeguarding your clubhouse

Your beautiful grade I listed clubhouse is the hub of much of ROSL's charitable activities, as well as your home from home whenever in London, and has been since Vernon House was first purchased by the club in 1922. The three buildings that make up Over-Seas House require extensive maintenance and a programme of improvement works. This is being achieved through a Master Buildings Strategy, which will protect the long term future of the clubhouse.

Your generous support will help these three activities continue, the Royal Over-Seas League to flourish and young people around the world to prosper. Thank you.

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