In our ongoing 'Your ROSL' series, Australian member Stephen Jones gives us a perspective on the club from someone who might not visit the clubhouse that often. What is most important to him? 

How did you first hear about ROSL?

Just prior to my first trip to the United Kingdom in 1992 a relative (who was and still is a member) recommended the club as an excellent place to stay in London. She was right. On my first visit I was impressed by the friendly staff, the character of the building and garden and the clubhouse’s proximity to London landmarks.

How long have you been a member?

I joined in 1992 so have been a member for 27 years. I have been a more active member over the past six years as a committee member, and now as Branch Chairman/Secretary of the Tasmanian Branch.

Which three words would you use to describe ROSL?

There are many adjectives that could be used to describe the Royal Over-Seas League. The three that most resonate for me are:

Unique- I am unaware of any other club/organisation that has similar aims and programmes as those developed by the Royal Over-Seas League.

Encouraging- I have been impressed by the staff in their advice and support for our twin branch programme with the Wessex Branch, and now with the branch venturing into offering arts events for members – the staff have been extremely supportive.

Benevolent- ROSL is very active in supporting the arts, education and humanitarian projects around the globe and is also very encouraging and supportive of our branch events with an increasing focus on the arts.

What do you enjoy most about being a member?

The social interactions with branch members through the events programmes the branch organises, which involves an increasing number of members and hopefully will continue to grow member participation. I also enjoy keeping in touch with our twin branch (the Wessex Branch) in the United Kingdom, and learning about how that branch operates and organises events for its very active members.

What is one thing you would change?

Branch members’ increased contact with the Director-General and Chairman through visits to the branch, along with increased visits from musicians who perform at events and competitions in London. This would greatly support branch membership and also social interactions amongst branch members through the participating in arts programmes- two of the ROSL’s main aims.

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