The new ROSL Supper Club, which brings together interesting and informative talks, with delicious food and drink, will launch on 14 October. Our first speaker will be Jill Day, the first female Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons and Head of the Commonwealth Association of Serjeants at Arms. 

Appointed in 2008, Jill’s was a formal job with a very formal uniform. The key responsibilities as Serjeant were security, access and ceremonial, and she loved every moment of it until she retired in the spring of 2012. A quote from her leaving tribute reads: “Jill has also played a powerful role in mentoring and encouraging other women in the House service to achieve their potential. The number of women now occupying senior posts in the House Service is some measure of the example she has set.”

Every legislature in the Commonwealth has a Serjeant at Arms and as the UK is seen as the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, the London Serjeant at Arms is the Head of the Commonwealth Association of Serjeants at Arms. In this role, Jill visited Parliaments in Canada, Australia, and Africa by individual invitation to make presentations, and she attended national, state, and provincial conferences. Jill will discuss her role at the House of Commons and her relationship with the Commonwealth. 

Taking place 6.30-9pm, you can enjoy a presecco reception and three-course meal, while hearing from Jill.

£40 per person. Book here.

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