Yesterday, the Rutland Room saw the unveiling of ROSL’s very first Photography Class with James McCormick. Suitable for all levels of photographers with the option of using a smartphone or a DSLR camera, expert photographer James kickstarted the class by guiding the members through the basics of photography. 

ROSL members learned about a wide range of basic technical aspects of photography, covering the photographic exposure triangle, showcasing different types of lens and an explanation of the key difference between smartphone and DSLR cameras along with their limitations. Members were then taught the importance of conceptualising a photo before capturing; to think about the purpose of the photo and the intended audience of the photo, as this will help the photographer to manage expectation and capture the right content for the intended purpose.

Then it was time to put all this new knowledge into practice. Members were tasked with capturing non-clichéd or extremely clichéd elements of the clubhouse, but it must not be mediocre. Members and their cameras then went to find unique angles and spaces of their clubhouse for 30 minutes before recessing over a cup of tea.

Members then regrouped for an analytical section with James to showcase and analyse each other’s photographic exploration of the clubhouse. During the analysis, James discussed with members the distinctive styles, compositions, lighting and framing they were able to demonstrate through their photos. James then provided members with feedback and ways the photographer could have enhanced the photo whether that’s through angles, positions or post-production all of which James will be delving further into in the upcoming Photography Class on 16 October 2019.

If you'd like to get involved in the next class, book here.

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