As the ROSL ARTS team come to the end of their time in Edinburgh, let's have a look behind the scences at what a day in the life at the Fringe Festival entails. 

Up early and leaving the accommodation in Musselburgh.

IMG 20190815 WA0001

Jumping into a taxi to avoid the struggle of fitting a Cello on the commuter train.

IMG 20190815 WA0003

A half hour drive and we arrive at the Royal Scots Club.

IMG 20190815 WA0005

A quick pre concert coffee and then the doors open, some Beethoven or Bach for Breakfast with a full audience.

IMG 20190815 WA0002

IMG 20190815 WA0009

The concert ends and the room is reset before a quick lunch from one of the lovely local cafes. The draft at the box office can be chilly so soup and a sandwich always goes down well.

IMG 20190815 WA0013

IMG 3727

2pm and its concert number two of the day, tea, coffee and of course biscuits after the concert keeps us going.

IMG 20190815 WA0012

There is a quick turnover before the 4pm concert but we all chip in to have the room ready. In between each concert, there is time for the exceptional musicians to practice their programmes.

IMG 20190815 WA0015

Straight after the concert there is a mad dash to the fancy RBS at the end of George Street to pay in the day's cash before closing.

IMG 20190815 WA0011

After all the work is done it is time for fun. Out to see some shows. The street performers line the path into the Old Town and we receive an abundance of flyers enroute. The shows are varied from circus, to theatre, to music, and comedy, there really is something for everyone. Avoiding planning too far ahead, we book last minute and see some fantastic performers.

IMG 20190815 WA0007

Back on the train to Musselburgh and meeting many a performer who are staying in these student halls on our way. Sharing a carriage with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump was a particularly interesting commute

The Fringe is full of surprises and we have met lots of wonderful people at the concert. It is lovely to see people returning year after year and also great to introduce new people to who we are and what we do.

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