ROSL is excited to announce the artists chosen to attend this year's ROSL International Residency are Cole Ndelu from Johannesburg, South Africa, and Dimple Shah from Bangalore, India. These two artists will soon arrive in the UK and spend the months of September and October at The Art House in Wakefield, developing their creative practices and networking across the UK with the support of ROSL. 

Cole is an award-winning conceptual portrait and fashion photographer who graduated from the Stellenbsoch Academy of Design and Photography with a degree in Visual Communication, specialising in photography. Her work counters popularised representations of black people and Africa, and she does this by creating imagery that places black people at the centre; her work celebrates blackness and is a reflection of the love that she has have for her kin. Undertaking the residency, Cole believes that travel and collaboration are key ingredients in the growth and development of an artist, and that this residency will give her the opportunity to experience Wakefield and its surrounding cities and to collaborate with members of the community during the production and distribution of her work.


Dimple Shah (pictured top and below) expresses her creativity through Performance and Live Art, as well as in print and across multiple other mediums.  Over the past two decades Dimple has developed her language of expression in these mediums and trying to build community of performance artists and creating Community based public projects around the globe. This residency project will provide her space and time to totally concentrate on making and creating art work and allow her to develop her present project, producing a new body of work. Catharsis, Purification, Purging, Healing, Filtration, Condensation and Extraction of Pure/Self are key elements in her practice and her idea for the residency is to study how this alchemical process can be used to reconcile body/mind and understanding the self. Exploring Body and Nature and Decoding alchemical body in context to Nature/Ecology, is the concern of Dimple’s on-going research and a subject that influences her art, be it Printmaking, Performance or Multimedia work.

6.Negotiating Ritual Stimulus of Vermillion1

The two artists will present work at Manchester Contemporary from 11 – 13 October 2019 and there will be an end of Residency event at The Art House in Wakefield on Wednesday 30 October. Details of these events can be found on our website and social media.

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