Mayfair and St James's was abuzz with art lovers this weekend, as galleries and exhibition spaces across the area opened their doors to the public to show them what the creative heart of London looks like. ROSL once again took part, beginning celebrations with the opening of our latest exhibition, in partnership with Liberty Gallery, on Thursday evening.

Louise McNaught's Consume is a new body of work by the artist, exploring the materiality of the modern world in her signature style of stunning detail and bold colours. She uses these blazing neon colours and mixed media to give her subjects a godlike, heavenly quality. Louise’s gentle touch highlights the delicate relationship we humans have with nature.

Following the private view on Thursday evening, members of the public could enjoy the work as part of the Gallery Hop! on Friday night, which saw all the local galleries open to official kick off Mayfair Art Weekend. Guests could enjoy a drink or two while hopping between all the different exhibitions in the area.

On Saturday morning, Louis McNaught joined ROSL members and the public for a Q&A session over brunch, where attendees could find out more about her practice, the thought process behind her pieces, and watch a demonstration of her at work.


Take a look below at some of the photos from across the weekend and don't worry if you haven't had a chance to see Louise's work yet. She will be appearing on TV channel London Live at 6pm this evening, discussing the exhibition, which will remain up at ROSL until September. 


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