Yesterday, ROSL President Lord Luce invited members to see inside the House of Lords, one of the two organs that makes up Parliament in the UK. 

Over afternoon tea in the Cholmondeley Room, he spoke of the current political climate in Britain and the wider world, and the need for those on opposite sides of the political spectrum to come together to work things out. He drew parallels with ROSL, and its purpose of bringing people together to promote international friendship and understanding. He also mentioned the multi-billion pound work being undertaken to renovate the Houses of Parliament and saw similarities in the work ROSL in currently undertaking at the clubhouse, albeit on a much smaller scale!

As members and guests enjoyed their scones and finger sandwiches, he introduced Alexander Downer, ROSL's Chairman, who gave a speech which set out his vision for ROSL to become the beating heart of the Commonwealth in London. He was first a member of the club in Australia for many years, before moving to the UK and enjoying the clubhouse more often. He thanked the commitment of members spread around the world for making the organisation a success and coming along to events such as these. 

After the speeches, attendees were invited out on the terrace to get a view of the Thames and the London skyline from a little-seen perspective. Take a look at some of the photos below. Find out more about upcoming events here.

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