Yesterday saw two events take place at the clubhouse which put creativity centre stage; a life drawing class and an art talk which discussed a new way of looking at some of art history's most revered classics. 

First, at 2pm members and guests gathered in the Princess Alexandra Hall to try their hand at life drawing with artist Josie Deighton, a graduate of the Royal School of Drawing. She took everyone through the skills needed for drawing from life and even got attendees to try out continuous line drawing with their weaker hand, which produced some interesting results!

continuous line drawing

In the evening, the Princess Alexandra Hall again filled, but this time to take part in a fascinating discussion between Tracy Chevalier - who celebrated the 20th anniversary of her book Girl with a Pearl Earring and Kelly Grovier - one of the most exciting new voices in cultural criticism. They debated whether greatness in works of art can be pinned down to a single indispensable detail and discussed revered works from all of art history explored in Grovier’s book A New Way of Seeing for overlooked details that, once spotted, alter forever the way that we see and connect with these milestones of creativity.

a new way of seeing talk

Take a look at our events page here to find out what other creative pursuits you can take part in here at ROSL.

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