The Royal Over-Seas League and Rowman & Littlefield International invite you to a discussion on the launch of a new book co-edited by Krishnan Srinivasan and James Mayall, Values in Foreign Policy; Investigating Ideals and Interests, on Wednesday 26 June. 

Chaired by Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross, CMG, the discussion with Krishnan, former Indian Foreign Secretary and Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General; and James, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Cambridge University and Fellow of the British Academy; will take place at 6pm and admission is free to all ROSL members and their guests. 

Nicolas Maclean is a former Council member of the Royal Institute of International Studies and Senior Fellow at the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies.

Values in Foreign Policy: Investigating Ideals and Interests covers aspects of the tension between values and national priorities, with specific reference to the leading countries of today.

The book explores the effect of the Enlightenment, colonialism, modernity and post-modernity in determining contemporary value systems which are often uncomfortable in their interface with each other. This book will be of interest and benefit to policy-makers and practitioners of foreign policy, as well as the academic community, and equally valuable to anyone interested in contemporary international relations.

 “With great intellectual verve, the contributors to this volume engage with the question of values in a world in which many old certainties about public goods such as democracy and human rights are being questioned as never before. The book provides a very worthy contribution to a critical and ongoing debate.” 

Cristopher Coker, Professor of International relations and Director of IDEAS, London School of Economics.

To book your place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 25 June 2019.

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