Many of you will have noticed that the former Member's Library in the corner of the Drawing Room, usually heaving with books, is currently empty. Fear not, the library has been transferred to far more capacious lodgings in the former Cricket Library, on the third floor landing in the Westminster Wing. 

Here you can find a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, which you are welcome to read at your leisure. Please also feel free to contribute any other works to keep the library fresh for everyone. 

Most of the books are authored by our very own members, who are an active bunch when it comes to putting pen to paper. Ranging from children's literature, to military history, to travelogues, the breadth of available titles speaks volumes of the varied membership ROSL attracts.

Over the next few weeks, the remaining parts of the Cricket Library currently found on the second floor landing are also being removed, so please feel free to take anything you would like, if you're a big cricket fan.

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