Younger Member Ciaran Malone reports on last week's Younger Member Easter Egg Hunt. 

Much to the amusement of many other members, the triumph that was 'The Younger Members Easter Egg Hunt' took place last week, kicking off what is sure to be a great series of events for 'Thursday Twists'.

One could detect a sense of melancholy in the usually proud poses of Sir Evelyn and Lady Wrench, as they looked down to behold the younger members pouring out of the Bar, intent on ransacking their club.

As the hunt unfolded, Vivie could be found raiding the Bar in search of one of the last eggs (behind the whiskey) whilst elsewhere one member urged another to empty the cushions in the Drawing Room. Mountbatten simply smirked at it all.

YM Egg 1

 Aidan discovers an egg hidden inside a board game in the Drawing Room.

The last egg was found by Margarita, gathering a respectable amount of the traditional club dust by that point, well after many had given up and turned to drink. As mother always says 'it's always in the last place you look'.

After the hunt was finished, like all good hunters, we turned our attention to drinking well into the evening and comparing tattoos. We had a good turnout with many prospective members and indeed many new younger members making their first appearances.

Keep up to date with everything the younger members are up to by joining their Facebook Group. The next event will be the InterClub Quiz on Thursday 25 April. Book here.

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