In July, a new initiative will launch in the capital aimed at getting Londoners to cherish their green and pleasant land, make more use of their green spaces, and promote a healthier and wilder city. The London National Park City is a movement to improve life in London, and they want everyone living and visiting the city to be a part of it. 

Or as they put it, "We want more bird song, ultimate frisbee, hill-rolling, tree climbing, cycling, hedgehogs, volunteering, sharing, outdoor play, kayaking, clean air, otters, greener streets, outdoor learning, ball games, outdoor art and hilltop dancing in the city. Why not?"

From 20 to 28 July, the London National Park City Festival will take place, there’ll be fun activities from culture and health and fitness to wildlife, the environment and more. The aim is to encourage Londoners to discover new spaces and find fresh ways to get in touch with nature. The festival kicks off with a Fair on Saturday 21 July in Red Lion Square, which is open to everyone and free to attend.

Taking in 26 speakers, 30 stands, guided bus tours, experiences, free walks, free giant maps, volunteering, art displays, films, park map drawings, picnics, makers, busking, and much more, it is your opportunity to be a part of the movement this summer.

View the full line-up here. Perhaps you'd like to take part in a free circular walk, find out what London is like on four legs, or learn about the effect of the urban climate on vegetation or how to make your own seed balls for birds?


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