When it comes to the production of fine alcohols, France leads the world,. Fine wines and spirits have been produced for centuries using closely regulated recipes that help to make French products a byword for quality. 

ROSL's many wine tastings over the years have confirmed that, but the Younger Members now have chance to taste one of their most widely known spirits; Cognac.

Like champagne and armagnac, this fine brandy takes it name from the town where it originated, Cognac in the Charente department of southwestern France.

Legally required to be twice distilled from specific grapes, Cognac must be aged for at least two years in oak barrels to get its distinctive flavour.

On Thursday 17 January, Caroline Roddis invites fellow Younger Members to join her for a tasting masterclass where you will have the opportunity to sample several different cognacs and learn more about this lesser-known French spirit.

This event is exclusively for younger members and their guests. Find out more and book your place here.


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