Yesterday Geoff Parkin, our Director of Arts, and Eilidh McCormick, our Visual Art Curator, visited The Art House in Wakefield to celebrate the 2018 ROSL Residency and the fantastic artists we hosted. 

This celebration saw the work of Buhle Wonder Mbambo and Joey Chin exhibited in the project space on Drury Lane, an in-conversation with the two artists, chaired by Eilidh McCormick and a musical performance by ROSL Alumni Abel Selaocoe and Delia Stevens, all introduced by Geoff Parkin and The Art House’s Sydney Thornbury. 

Wakefield night 2

The evening was attended by ROSL Members, the art community in Wakefield and special guests from all over the UK and abroad. This was our opportunity to share what we do at ROSL and it was wonderful to see what has been produced and hear all about the experiences these talented young artists have been afforded thanks to the support of our ROSL Members.

Wakefield night 3

This was the first rendition of our new residency format and it promises a greater engagement between the art activities undertaken by ROSL and our membership. There is also a greater connection between the international artists and our organisation which offers opportunity for further collaborations thanks to the brilliant facilities of The Art House and the amount of time the artists can enjoy in the UK. It has been a pleasure to host our 2018 ROSL Residents and we look forward to sharing more from them soon, watch this space. 

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