The Royal Over-Seas League has enjoyed royal patronage for over a century, with King George V agreeing to become patron in 1916, just a few years after the club's founding in 1910. This tradition has continued with each new monarch, but they haven't been the only members of the Royal Family to take an interest in our activities.

Before King George V agreed to become patron, founder Sir Evelyn Wrench (second from right) was already mingling in royal circles, seen below alongside Queen Alexandra presenting an aeroplane to the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War, donated by members.

Evelyn Wrench Queen Alexandra

Below shows George V and Queen Mary visiting Over-Seas House in 1922.

George Mary

The following year, we find the then Duchess of York, later Queen Elizabeth, at the Over-Seas League garden party in Regent's Park.

Elizabeth Garden 1

King George VI signs the League Silver Jubilee Book in 1935, below.

George VI

Just over a decade later, in 1946, George VI and Queen Elizabeth talk to servicewomen during their visit to the club.


Queen Elizabeth II has made several visits to the club in her capacity as patron. Below she is seen talking to one of ROSL's art alumni during a visit in 1990.

Queen visit 2

Prince Phillip has joined her on several occasions, as in 1990.

Queen visit 4

Princess Alexandra, the Queen's cousin, has also played a large part in club life as vice patron, particularly the Annual Music Competition. Below shows her in 1979.

Princess Alexandra 1979

And again in 2017, presenting James Buckle with his award at the Gold Medal Final of the Annual Music Competition.

Princess Alexandra 2017

Long may this tradition continue.

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