Next Friday our Shakespeare Birthplace Trust actors are back with their latest play: Romeo & Juliet. As we are only a week away we are taking the opportunity today to look back at the past five years of working with the group and the four thrilling performances they have put on for members so far.


Starting way back in 2013, the troupe arrived at the Royal Over-Seas League to deliver their rendition of As You Like It - a Shakespearean twist on the beloved Robin Hood tale, where Duke Senior is overthrown by his wicked brother, Duke Frederick, and flees to live in the forest with his merry band of loyal supporters. With many costume changes and boys playing girls who are pretending to be boys, the play is one of Shakespeares classic comedies and naturally, especially in the setting of our Garden on a warm summers eve, was immensley popular with our members.


We next made contact with the group back in 2016 for our Shakespearean summer ball, to celebrate the great bards life on his 500th anniversary. Whilst not a full play, the group performed small segments of the outrageously funny Midsummer Nights Dream. Due to the popularity of the ball and a desire amongst members to see the play as it would be in full, just three months later in the same year, the group returned to perform the whole play with their unique special twist 

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The groups adaptations of the plays are really what make these performances special and stand out from the run of the mill performances on the West End. None more so than last years 80s romp of Much Ado About Nothing. The cast when above and beyond with this theme, including musical numbers from Cyndi Lauper, Rick Astley and Billy Idol. Audience members were bought into the performances in jazzy hats, masks of famous icons, and sparkly wigs.

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This year, the group are taking a more sombre note and performing Romeo and Juliet - one of Shakespeares most famous tragedies about two star-crossed lovers. This year the usual stage on our lawn will be switched around and the performance will take place under the balcony to give a two layered dimension to the staging area. The team are keeping their twist a closely held secret this year, so members should be prepared for anything. Tickets are still available and can be booked here.

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