2018 marks the 19th year ROSL has returned to Scotland for its annual award-winning series of concerts at the Fringe, but our connection to the Edinburgh International Festival actually goes back much further. 

Back in 1962, the Festival's Artistic Director, George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, penned an article in Overseas about how Edinburgh's annual festivities had become a 'cultural holiday' for the thousands of visitors, and how programming its content was about giving "audiences today what they will want tomorrow". 

He asked what makes a truly great programme of music for festival-goers? "Is it always the unusual, the seldom-played? Where you turn to music, is it the massive, or is it the miniature? It is the collected work of somebody? Is it the sensational, the vote-catching? Is it the otherwise too expensive, the glittering, the glamorous, the spine-tingling? What is the criterion for what should be included in the Festival?"

Have a look at this year's ROSL Recitals programme here and think about what makes a good concert. To see for yourself, book tickets here for ROSL Recitals at the Royal Scots Club.

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