As well as playing host to prizewinners from the Annual Music Competition, ROSL's Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme is also a chance for ROSL-backed scholars from around the Commonwealth to gain invaluable international performance experience and exposure. From the University of Auckland, the 2018 recipients of the ROSL/Pettman Scholarship for a New Zealand Chamber Ensemble are the Korimako Piano Trio. 

Made up of Diane Huh violin, Tahee Kim cello, and Modi Deng piano, during their visit to the UK, the trio will give several performances around the country, attend concerts including at the BBC Proms and Wigmore Hall, take lessons and receive chamber music coaching, attend a UK summer music school, as well as perform at the Fringe. Read on to find out what they looking forward to most about their stay.

What are your first impressions of the club?

When we first arrived, we were struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as the lovely surroundings we found ourselves in. We loved how the ROSL clubhouse showcases artworks, and how there are amazing facilities here, such as the Princess Alexandra Hall with its beautiful Steinway pianos. It’s also placed in a prime spot in London and in the midst of a thriving and busy cultural centre.

How do you plan to spend your time while you’re in the UK, musically and socially?

For the music side of things, we have many wonderful activities planned for us. We just had a lesson with Mark Messenger, and are looking forward to going to the BBC Proms, and heading up to Norfolk to give a concert there. In two weeks, we'll be learning from and collaborating with artists and students around the world, and branching from our trio repertoire at the British Isles Music Festival. We are sure each new experience will add in some way to our music-making and our musical understanding - with the goal of making our performances more imaginative, open and engaging. 

You will be heading up to Edinburgh for the Fringe next month, what are you looking forward to most about the festival?

We can’t wait to experience the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which we’ve heard is an eclectic meeting place for musical, literary, and artistic endeavours. There are many shows alongside music performances, whether dance, spoken poetry, or theatre. We’ve had mentoring from Clio Gould and Jonathan Morton from the Scottish Ensemble, and so we anticipate hearing them at the arts festival. Performing at the Fringe near the end of our tour is a wonderful privilege that we will cherish.

Read more about the Korimako Piano Trio here.

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