Today we go behind the scenes to find out what life at ROSL is like for Accounts Assistant, Inga Bennett. 


How long have you been at ROSL and how did you hear about the club in the first place?

I have worked at ROSL for more than 12 years. I first find out about the club from a friend who was already working here, she told me about the vacancy in accounts department. I sent my CV, and was given an interview then offered the job.

Can you describe an average day?

That’s an interesting question. Most days I get in early so I can get my emails done, clear up the voicemails, making sure I have answered all calls and messages first, so I can be ready for the rest of the day. I check my calendar and make a list of top priorities for the week. I split my days doing the banking, sales, and purchase ledger. I love Mondays because the day flies by in a flash.

What are the best things about the job and what do you wish you could change?

When you think of an accountant, perhaps you visualise someone fairly geeky who does nothing but crunch numbers all day. That image is a thing of the past, nowadays accounting is more of a team effort. Being an accountant in today's world means having the ability to cooperate and communicate with other people, as well as having excellent detective and problem-solving skills. This is the best thing about my job!

How do you spend your time when you're not in the club?

As I'm a mum of two kids, they keep me very busy. I love spending time with the family, we all enjoy visiting new places and going for nice long walks.

I also love to cook. I wouldn’t call myself a master, but I’m always looking for new recipes and new techniques to try out, which is so easy to do these days thanks to the internet. I really like keeping my family guessing what the next masterpiece, or disaster, will be.

Would you recommend people to join or even to work here at ROSL? 

Absolutely, I would definitely recommend joining ROSL. I've been here for so long for a reason!

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