Many of you visiting the clubhouse will have noticed the wonderful artwork adorning our walls. Not just the exhibitions, centred on the Central Lounge, which change every three months, but all the other beautiful portraits and pieces scattered around the rooms, halls and staircases of the building. ROSL ARTS is currently undertaking an extensive cataloguing exercise to find out exactly what is up on our walls and what is currently tucked away in storage. Some of the artwork dates back to the very beginnings of the organisation and some is much more recent, so why undertake this massive task now? The reasons are threefold. 

As the ROSL ARTS team is relatively new, with all three members having worked at ROSL for less than two years, it is a great opportunity for them to get to know the ROSL art collection much better, find out which pieces have come from past scholars, which have been commissioned by the organisation for the clubhouse, and which have come from previous exhibitions. 

With the recent closure of the Edinburgh clubhouse, a number of beautiful artworks have been carefully transported down to London to be added to ROSL's collection, so making sure these are properly catalogued and stored is crucial.

Christine Eilidh cataloguing

ROSL ARTS Co-ordinators Christine and Eilidh, sifting through one of Over-Seas House's many store rooms.

Finally, it is a great way for members and staff to learn about the history of the club through its art collection. By rotating the art that is found around the club, whether that be in the bedrooms, along the corridors, or pride of place in the Drawing Room, members get to learn more about past scholars and ROSL's dedication to the arts. This process will be taking place over the next few months, so make sure to keep an eye out as some of our most beautiful pieces are given more prominent positions and every corner of the club is given a fresh new look just be the hanging of different artworks.

Watch this space!

Eilidh cataloguing

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