To celebrate the upcoming edition of Overseas, due out on 1 June, we look back at one of the sporting articles featured in a 1920 issue of the journal. Writer F C Yardley argues that women's growing role in public life should be accompanied by a similar emancipation in women's fashion, particularly when it comes to suitable attire in sport. Read the full article below. 

Womens sporting attire

In the upcoming edition of Overseas, Abi Millar looks at how most sports today are played by both genders, but in some cases the pay gap at the professional level remains wide, and asks what can be done to promote equality in participation and pay in sport. Nearly a century later, it seems the same arguments are still being had. 

The article from 1920 is a laudable call for gender equality, ahead of its time, and something ROSL has long championed. Our founder's decision to allow women to join, as of right, from the inception of the club in 1910, has been matched by a longstanding commitment to equality in all of our activities, including giving a voice to women in the Overseas journal, with articles from such figures as Millicent Fawcett. Later this year, Overseas will be celebrating women in the September issue. Watch this space for more details and read an article about some of the women who have played a role in the history of the club here.

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