A day in the life of Frances Hindle, Senior Membership Executive... 

How long have you been at ROSL and how did you hear about the club in the first place?

I started in late April 2016 and I heard about ROSL through an employment agency called Fourteenpeople. I actually started as maternity cover for a 12 month contract and I’ve been here ever since! Stephen Darlington, the previous Head of Membership, introduced me to the club and showed my around. I was very impressed by the garden and how welcoming all the staff members were. 

Can you describe an average day? 

In the mornings I check the membership inbox, which is where the majority of enquiries, questions and general correspondence from members and prospective members comes through to. No two days are the same though. One day I could be processing direct debits, the next could be giving a tour of the clubhouse. I could be on the phone speaking to members, processing renewals, preparing data for the Overseas journal mailing, or the eNewsletter. There’s plenty to keep me busy, though I do like to take a moment with a Green tea every now and then. 

How do you ensure members are well looked after? 

Always having a positive and helpful attitude makes sure that a member feels well looked after. I always refer back to my own personal experiences of customer service and try to learn from them. 

What do you do to attract new members? 

Tours of the clubhouse and the bi-annual New Members Reception are a great way for me to get out of the office and meet prospective members. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the club to people who perhaps don’t know much about us, or have any nagging questions they would like answered. I also speak to a lot of people over the phone, so having good knowledge of the club and its workings is great to help persuade new members to join, or encourage members to share the gift of membership with their friends and family. 

What are the best and worst bits about the job? 

I really love getting to meet and speak to so many different people from around the world. The variety of different people is what makes ROSL so special. All the different events I get to attend and help out at is another way to meet members and show off everything the club has to offer. But always being able to hear champagne popping and people enjoying themselves in the garden in summer, while I’m stuck behind my desk, is hard to bear! 

How do you spend your time when you're not in the club?

I am a Girl Guide Leader, so we meet once a week we meet up and do a range of activities and games; such as crafts, cooking, and I even taught the girls how to solder last week! I also like travelling and exploring different cultures, my favourite place to visit for a long weekend is Scandinavia. I love the design and architecture, and the locals are so welcoming.

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