Last night, renowned broadcaster Andrew Marr, visited the London clubhouse to discuss his creative outlet, painting. Hosted by ROSL ARTS, and arranged by the Art Fund, Andrew spoke to a packed house about his creative process, particularly how it has changed following his stroke in 2013. 

Once happy to trek to the top of a hill to paint a beautiful Cornish or Scottish landscape, his stroke left him partially paralysed and unable to undertake the rigours of this kind of artistic expressions any longer. So, he moved from painting representational landscapes to basing himself in his London studio and using his imagination, going for a much less representational style.

Speaking with wit, humour, and self-deprecation, Andrew discussed his struggles with his new style; how his brushstrokes, colour balance, line, and textures worked together to create a cohesive painting. Showing examples from the past few years, it was possible to see how each artwork progressed and the thought process that went into each iteration. His frank assessment of his successes and failures were warmly appreciated by the audience.

His new book, A short book about painting, contains all this and more. He concluded the evening with a Q&A session, then guests were invited to enjoy wine and nibbles in the Central Lounge, before heading up to the Rutland Room for a book signing. Take a look below at a gallery of photos from the evening.


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