Blue Monday is more than just an 80's classic and smash hit for New Order, it is also the name given to the third Monday in January, said to be the most depressing day of the year, according to experts. 

Although scientific evidence to back up these claims is scant, it is said the combination of poor weather, high debt levels, time since Christmas, struggles with New Year's resolutions, and low motivation levels combine to make people more depressed on this day than at any other point of the year. 

To coincide with Blue Monday every year, it has become a day to raise awareness and improve mental wellbeing. On Monday 15 January 2018, Blue Monday, ROSL’s very own Dr Henry Ford will explore how the art of Mindfulness can help us to understand and manage stress, build resilience and enjoy the fullness of life’s experience. Henry will provide an insight to the neuroscience underlying Mindfulness and give practical tips to bring Mindfulness into your daily routine. 

Come and enjoy the session, which includes wine and refreshments, to learn more about Mindfulness, even if 80's synths aren't your thing. Book here.

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