ROSL Victoria report on the development project to provide a computer teaching laboratory for Selwyn College, Honiara, The Soloman Islands. 

It is with great pleasure that we make an interim report on the finalisation of the ROSL Australia Development Project. The report is interim to the extent that funds raised totalling $A22,000 have now been transmitted to Selwyn College in Honiara, The Solomon Islands and that work has commenced on construction of the Computer Teaching Laboratory and sourcing of equipment. 

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All ROSL Branches in Australia States contributed to the project, as did many individual members, some significantly. Also making a substantial contribution was the ROSL Golden Jubilee Trust.  To all contributors we extend, on behalf of the students of Selwyn College, heartfelt appreciation. 

The ROSL Victorian Branch, under whose auspices the Development Project was inaugurated and managed, has received letters of appreciation from, amongst others, the Most Rev. George Takeli, Anglican Archbishop of Melanesia and Chair of the Selwyn College School Council.

The Project Co-ordinator, Mrs Christine Chamberlain - Deputy President of the ROSL Victorian Branch, sought and received support from the Australian High Commissioner in the Solomon Islands, HE Mr Roderick Brazier, who indicated that he would be pleased to visit the School and represent the League at the opening of the Computer Laboratory.

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As construction continues at Selwyn College, we are informed that the school has sensibly decided to site the Computer Laboratory adjacent to the School Library in order to facilitate the school’s further connection to the World Wide Web.  As an indication of the dedication of those involved at the college, we are also informed that the Past Students’ Association has also committed funds to augment the scope of the project and that the school’s own staff have designed and are in fact fabricating the student desk consoles to be used in the Laboratory. 

A final report will be made when the Laboratory is completed and fully operational. This is expected to be in time for the 2018 academic year.

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