Last week ROSL ARTS visited the Edinburgh clubhouse to present a talk about a work Little Sparta by Ian Hamilton Finlay. Professor Andrew Patrizio visited 100 Princes Street to share some information about the garden that is set in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. 

Little Sparta The present order is the di.170457Sitting on the Little Sparta Trust, Andrew gave great insight into the history of the landscape of artwork, presenting images that have never been seen before from the organisation’s archive and sharing anecdotes about the creation of the spaces. Sitting in the Stevenson room, the full audience heard about the fusion of poetic and sculptural elements and the natural landscape that was shaped and changed to become an integral part of the overall work. As well as the history of the site, the hugely significant Scottish artwork was discussed in a contemporary context through Sharing Little Sparta, the 2017 residency programme that invites artists to visit and react to the space, creating a new conversation outside the grounds. The future of the space was also addressed, including the use of technology to present a deeper insight into the 275 individual pieces that combine to make Little Sparta. Andrew invited questions, from the audience and stayed to share a drink and some informal conversation. The evening was illuminating and all those who attended left inspired to visit Little Sparta when it reopens in June 2018. 

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