Yesterday and today has seen the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, together with the Royal Over-Seas League, the Commonwealth Association and others Commonwealth partners, organise a two-day conference  focusing on the aims and likely outcomes of the CHOGM 2018 summit in April 2018. 

Across the two-day event, discussions are taking place which will provide a window on the road to the 2018 summit, with speakers from across the Commonwealth giving their thoughts. Sessions being covered include:

  • The Commonwealth Charter - values and principles and their challengers: What progress since 2012?
  • Commonwealth trade and investment, and the implications of Brexit.
  • The return of The Gambia to the Commonwealth, following the transition to democracy in January 2017.
  • Small states, climate change and building resilience: the Commonwealth contribution.
  • Summit 2018: developing programmes and partnerships, engaging with civil society and linking the forums.
  • Beyond London 2018

Take a look below at some of the social media posts from the conference so far.


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