Our Younger Members are part of a lively social scene for the under 35s. They are organised in part by the club, but at the helm are a dedicated committee made up of Younger Members who have got involved with various parts of the Royal Over-Seas League, whether it’s helping at events or sitting on Central Council.

The Committee exists to be both the voice of the club’s Younger Members and a conduit through which the Younger Members may learn about the club’s ethos and activities. Its focus is to ensure that Younger Members make the most of their ROSL membership. There are currently five main roles within the Committee: Chairperson, Secretary, Inter-Club representatives and a Commonwealth Liaison. After recent elections, we are proud to announce our latest Committee:

Chairperson: Samantha Pickett. Samantha’s role is to spearhead this group of bright young stars and work closely with ROSL staff and Central Council to create the best social scene for under 35s.

Secretary: Malcolm Ellison. Malcolm’s role is to feedback relevant information to ROSL staff, ensure the correct records are kept of all official Committee meetings, and support the Committee in their wider goals.

Inter-Club Representatives: Edmund Hastie and Samantha Pickett. The Inter-Club Group is a network of 19 London clubs which bring their younger members together for parties, socials and activities. Edmund and Samantha’s role is to attend regular meetings to decide this wider social calendar and ensure the opportunities are made clear to ROSL younger members.

Central Council Liaison: Caroline Roddis. Caroline’s job is to attend Central Council meetings to report on behalf of the Committee the Younger Members activities, and vice versa feedback to the Committee updates on general club news.

Commonwealth Liaison: Jackie Yu Hon Lam. Jackie’s role is to work with the wider Commonwealth organisations to ensure Younger Members are aware of opportunities such as events, volunteer work and scholarships.

However, after the latest meeting the Committee has decided to create the new position of Ordinary Member. Two people will be able to take on this opportunity to attend Committee meetings, have an input into the social calendar of the Younger Members, and help the Committee to achieve their wider goals.

Applications will open at the beginning of October and the successful candidates will be announced at the Younger Member Reception on Thursday 23 November.
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