To celebrate the European Day of Languages, which promotes language education every year on the 26 September, we have been wondering just how many languages are spoken here in the London clubhouse. 

Given the name Royal Over-Seas League, you would expect our members and staff to be a multi-lingual bunch and we don't disappoint! A quick count this morning revealed 32 languages are spoken amongst the staff here, including some exotic dialects such as Doric and Cherokee. Now, we'd like to know how our well-travelled members fare, so please complete the poll on the right-hand side of the page.

This information will go into the next edition of Overseas, landing on your doorsteps at the start of December, the theme of which will be language. Articles focusing on the many fascinating aspects of language will be covered, such as the development of hybrid languages in immigrant communities. These halfway houses such as Chinglish or Spanglish are often found amongst immigrant communities as they seek to integrate with the local population. 

We will also look at resistance to change in some quarters; the perceived 'correct' use of language and how that conflicts with actual language usage and change. Although some would like to see language remain static, the fact it is constantly evolving is a testament to its almost limitless flexibility.

Of course, not all communication is the written or spoken word, our ability to read microexpressions, hand gestures, posture and the many other facets of body language are key to reading beyond someone's tone of voice.

All these topics and more, plus the regulars you have come to know, will appear. The team are beavering away on all the content now, to ensure everything is ready on time.

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