The London clubhouse plays host to a new exhibition from today, NO SPACE, a collaboration between ROSL ARTS and BEARSPACE, with the private view taking place this evening. Guest wishing to attend, please RSVP here

The exhibition examines the theme of finding home, so ROSL ARTS and BEARSPACE have selected artists who reflect ROSL’s ethos of creating an international home from home in the heart of St James & Edinburgh.


Home and travel are two essential elements in our lifestyle – balancing our need to create a strong home identity with the desire to explore and experience adventure and escapism through travel. One element often influences the other. Members’ clubs, especially ROSL, pride themselves on providing the familiar comforts of home within the clubhouse environment.  
But is home a notion or a location? A selection of emerging artists have been invited to explore this theme through a range of mediums and viewpoints; investigating displacement, and a sense of place. The artists who have been invited to exhibit by BEARSPACE and ROSL ARTS are Lucinda Metcalfe, Dominic Bradnum, Chris Hawtin, Natasha Kissell, Nadja Gabriela Plein and Jane Ward. The varied, contemporary art practices offer fresh perspectives in the historic space of Over-Seas House, where the works in NO PLACE will be a welcomed feature of this ‘home from home’ in Central London.


We look forward to welcoming you this evening for the private view, which is free to attend and includes a glass of wine. If you're unable to attend, the exhibition will run until January 2018.

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