Reaching your 21st birthday is quite the rite of passage in many parts of the world, and often an excuse for a big party celebrating your newfound maturity and adulthood. The same can be said for the Royal Over-Seas League, which celebrated its own 21st birthday in 1931 in style. 

On 2 July, a banquet was held for members at the Royal Albert Hall, a suitably grand venue! Most of the lower tiers and boxes were filled and approximately 1,000 members out of a total of 45,000 attended.

21st bday

As a special distinction, HRH Edward, Prince of Wales, Vice-Patron, attended and proposed the health of the league. Philip Snowden, Secretary of State for the Dominions proposed the Loyal Toast.

Music was performed by the band of the Royal Horse Guards (the Blues) with an organ solo of 'Homage to the Father', and pipe music was provided by the Gaelic Society Pipers for the London Scottish Reel Team.

I wonder if any of our younger members will be planning something similar for their 21st birthdays?

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