Already read your last edition of the Overseas journal from cover to cover? Worry not, the next issue is currently with the printers and should be landing on your doorstep in the coming weeks. 

As well as regular features such as News and views, ROSL People, Branches, and Event listings, this issue will take a close look at philanthropy in today's society and ask the question 'Do we need to redefine modern giving?'

It’s more than just donating money, it’s giving time, expertise or whatever you have to offer. With this in mind, Overseas looks at some of ROSL’s donors, asks what they have contributed and why they got involved. While much of our support goes to musicians, through the scholarships and prizes awarded as part of the Annual Music Competition, a Dutch charity, Musicians Without Borders, has turned the tables and are the ones providing the support. Abi Millar speaks to Laura Hassler, its Founder and Director, about using music to heal the wounds of war.

Of course, there are also pitfalls to avoid with charitable giving. Ross Davies discusses the prospect of uber-wealthy philanthropists’ activities adversely impacting the natural flow of democracy with David Callahan, Founder of Inside Philanthropy. Should these wealthy patrons be stepping in where the state would normally have a say? But who’s to say the state spends its aid budget wisely? Elly Earls looks at the potential for the government to waste aid spending by attempting to protect the national interest, lessening the benefits the money provides.

Look out for the new edition arriving on your doorstop, in the clubhouses and on the ROSL website in early September.

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