Bournemouth branch Secretary, Gordon Irving, reports on the Queen's Birthday Garden Party and celebrating its twinning with the ROSL Tasmanian branch. 

The annual summer Queen's Birthday Garden Party was a great success and this year was held at David and Anne Foster's large garden in Horton near Wimborne. The Committee decide that it would be a good idea to host some Tasmanian wines, whose branch we have been twinned with for the past three years, so a tasting was held at the commencement of the party; they proved so popular that they all went in a trice. Fifty people attended and amongst those attending were members of the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Branch of the English Speaking Union, a sister organisation to the League, also founded by Sir Evelyn Wrench. Rain kept away fortunately and we were further honoured by the attendance of Director of ROSL ARTS, Geoff Parkin. 

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