On Saturday ROSL members enjoyed the Major General's Review at Horse Guard's Parade in London, with the Queen's household division putting on a wonderful display of pageantry, including 1,400 officers and men and two hundred horses. 

More ROSL members are set to attend the Colonel's Review on Saturday 10th June and again for Trooping the Colour, attended by the Queen, on Saturday 17th June. A major celebration of the sovereign's official birthday, Trooping the Colour began life during the reign of King Charles II (1660-1685). The household division has served as the monarch's personal bodyguards since this time and the 'colours' refer to uniform and insignia worn by soldiers from different units. Trooping the Colour was a means of a regiment identifying itself to aid unit recognition. 

In 1748, this became a ceremony to mark the official birthday of the sovereign and in 1760 became an annual event after George III became king. See below for some photos from ROSL members taken on Saturday.


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