With President Trump's latest pronouncement that he will take the US out of the Paris climate agreement, world leaders and environmentalists have been left reeling at yet another example of Trump's unorthodox, controversial and oft-combative leadership style. The latest instalment of our Evelyn Wrench lecture series aims to unravel the tangled web of half-truths, hearsay and mendacity that has come from both sides of the political spectrum during his presidency. Our expert panellists will explore the events that have unfolded since Trump’s inauguration. What does the UK’s 'special relationship' look like now? Will Trump succeed in ‘making America great again'? How have fake news, alternative facts and social media changed politics? The discussion will provide insight into the decisions and actions of the president – separating fact from fiction – and reviewing his impact on the USA and the world. The panel will be moderated by ROSL member and broadcaster Michael McKay. 

To attend on Thursday 27 July, book your tickets on the ROSL website.



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